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Every one has a story, whats yours? We are a media content creation company specializing in digital video production for commercial, corporate and broadcast purposes. We have served Mercury Marine, Continental Girbau, Dynamic Drinkware, Embraer Aviation and many others with innovative and compelling media that inspires and informs. Rejecting the "cookie cutter" mentality found elsewhere, we take pride in delivering clean, creative content on time and on budget.

We love to tell stories. Our writers capture your message, from highly technical to specially nuanced social media messaging. It sets the stage for filming, editing and post-production work. Getting this right avoids costly rework later. Collaboration and multiple reviews assure the message is focused, and meaningful.

We also offer the option of story boarding your project. This is essential when working with celebrities or locations with strict branding and copyright issues. Our artists visually communicate the camera’s point-of-view to all parties involved.

Ultra High Definition video acquisition is the key in the world of digital video. It unlocks a world of possibilities in the post-production process and expands the quality of the captured image. Not only does it capture video at higher resolution than HD, but it also offers increased color information. This allows still images to be captured from the video stream for use in printed media. Magazine quality images are now possible. This eliminates the need of additional photography, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs, while achieving visual continuity across the entire campaign.

Optimizing time on location is critical. Our state of the art LED lighting and camera support equipment reduce setup time, maximizing location productivity. Our cinematographers have an eye for detail that saves time in post production. We don’t like the term "fix it in post" we prefer to get it right from the start. This is just one of the reasons we continue to produce award winning work year after year.

Editing with state-of-the-art software and hardware enables Paradime Media to reach your creative vision. Complex compositing can create virtual sets quickly with your imagination being the only boundary. Rapid response is key in today’s business environment. The production and editing techniques we employ at Paradime Media allow our clients to make changes to their video message quickly and successfully.

When you have one chance to get it right, Paradime is there. We thrive on the opportunity to capture the moment in real time; as it happens. Whether it be concerts or air shows, Paradime is known to capture some of the best live video in the industry.


Our clients are able to match the momentum of a growing multicultural workforce and emerging economies by taking advantage of multi language translations.

Utilizing nationally recognized bi-lingual voice over talent and translators, Paradime Media has a long history of opening up the world to new markets and human resources for our clients.

Closed Captioning is another resource we offer for both broadcast as well as web distributed projects.