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How Are 3D Cups Made In Four Minutes!

This video was produced for Dynamic Drinkware, LLC. The challenge was to produce a video showing the entire manufacturing process of design, production, and distribution of a 3D cup.

"Passion" Dynamic Drinkware 3D Cups

Paradime Media developed a "Sports Center" style set design that could be used for multiple videos. We filmed on a green screen set and then a gallery for background plate construction. Final BG plates where composited and edited, creating a seamless look!

Raw Video Background Plate
Enhanced Video Background Plate
Green Screen Elements


THIS FEATURE BENEFIT VIDEO BREAKS THE CORPORATE MOLD BY Flying you to the top of an active construction site, revealing Generac's LINKTower, a game changing LED lighting product. Once again NO SETS OR CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS, JUST QUICK THINKING WITH AN EYE FOR PRODUCTION, QUALITY AND SAFETY. All with the added perspective only a drone can bring to a project like this.
Created for the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation this video visually takes you on a 90 second tour of events and locations in the greater Oshkosh area. This video was created with additional footage from partnering corporations and Snap 180 a local licensed aerial production company.
Evergreen Life
A "Day in the Life" video featuring many of the things residents at Evergreen enjoy. Paradime’s three-axis camera stabilizer was used throughout this video to keep up with the many activities planned during the fast paced production schedule! Many still images where captured from the video and published in the “Green Leaves” magazine an in-house publication adding value to the project. Demonstrating again the versatility 4K video brings to our clients projects!
Generac MTP
This feature benefit video breaks the corporate mold by filming the product on location in actual construction sites in use! No sets or controlled environments, just quick thinking with an eye for production, quality and safety help sell this game changing product.
Tasked with filming a product the size of a small house while revealing the smallest of details, SPS trusted Paradime to produce this video for trade show and web awareness of their product design capabilities.
Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation
Three different business leaders are highlighted in this video created for the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation.
TGO Season 4, Episode 42 "Triumph on Tobin"
Filmed on lake Tobin, Canada. This ice-fishing episode follows the hunt for trophy Walleye! Originally broadcasted on the Sportsman Channel in the United States and Wild TV in Canada. This show had a loyal audience of over 2 million viewers!
Continental Girbau
Created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Continental Girbau. This video was warmly received by a live audience. Paradime Media, Inc. is excited to be a long time vender for Continental Girbau. Celebrating over 15 years of producing projects for this outstanding company!
Aspect Title, Acoustic Ceiling Products, LLC
This video was created for Acoustic Ceiling Products, LLC and the target audience is the "Do It Yourself" home owner. This video is a step-by-step instructional guide for installing kitchen tiles. The video can be seen at several major retail websites.
Fasade Ceiling Install
This step-by-step instructional video, produced for Acoustic Ceiling Products, LLC, is for the "Do It Yourself" home owner. The video shows the installation of ceiling tiles and can be seen at serval major retail websites.
Created to show all of the many volunteers needed to host a large concert venue, this behind the scenes video was filmed entirely in one day. The project was unscripted and included a free form edit. Russian prime lenses add to the unique look of the interview segments.

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35mm Full Frame

Jet Functional Fitness LLC.
Tuskegee Airmen
Rosie the Riverter
Rosie the Riverter


4K Video Still Frame

Toby Mac, Lifest 2016
Skillet, Lifest 2016
Skillet, Lifest 2016
Green Leaves, Winter 2017
Fish Alaska, OctNov 2015